I’m Not Okay.

Today I was in CVS with my grandma, aunt, her best friend, her best friend’s mom, and her best friend’s little brother. I wondered off on my own because I don’t enjoy their company. There was a girl, a little girl. She had long brown hair with very dark eyes, she was beautiful but she looked scared. She looked lost. Now, I’m not a heartless person so I went up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. 

"Hello, sweetie. What’s the matter?" I asked her as I crouched down to her level on my knees. She looked at me then said "I can’t find my daddy. He’s not here. He was supposed to buy me this." She handed me a Get Well Soon card with with a teddy bear and a flower on it. 

I rubbed her head and I told her “It’s okay, we’ll find you’re dad. Come on, I’ll help you.” so she hesitantly took my hand. Probably remembering what her dad said about talking to strangers. 

We walked down the aisle and she started to get upset. I heard her sniffle and I said “Shh, pretty. It’s gonna be okay.” After I said that she tightened her grip on my hand as if to say she trusts me. So we kept walking.

My party was no where in sight but the cash register was and my grandma always told me that when ever I get lost that I should go to the cash register and tell them so they could help me. So we went to the cashier and I said to her that the little girl was scared and lost. I realized then that I didn’t get the little angel’s name. 

"Melissa. My name is Melissa ____" she said. I’m taking out the last name because I don’t want to single her out completely. So the cashier said her name over the loud speaker & she told me that she wanted me to wait for her until her dad come to pick her up. I said "Of course, I’ll stay." 

I didn’t know where my party was still but at this point all I cared about was Melissa. I stood there with her while she hummed to herself and waited. Finally after about 5 minutes her dad came. He looked nice, and not to mention worried. At first he didn’t notice me. He ran to her and scooped her up in a big hug. 

"Thank you, so much. I don’t know what I would have done if it were anyone else that found her. God bless you. What can I do to repay you? I’ll buy you what ever you want from this store. Go ahead, pick something." He said to me. He was very thankful but I didn’t accept his offer. I told him that I had to get back to my family/friends and that they must be as worried as he was about little Melissa. 

He smiled and looked at Melissa in his arms and said “Melissa, go ahead and say thank you to this kind young lady. Give her a hug.” He handed me to her and she gave me a big hug and while she was hugging me she whispered in my ear.

She said “Thank you, friend. Can you put me down for a minute please.” So I did. At this point her dad was paying for his items except for the one that he was supposed to get Melissa. The Get Well Soon card was still in her hand. She handed it to me and said “I can see.” Then she giggled and hugged me again. 

I was speechless. But I took it anyway and I watched her and her dad as they walked out of the store hand in hand all the way to their car. 

That little girl knew. She knew that I wasn’t just walking in a store to walk in a store. She could tell that I was upset. No one else can. I started crying silent tears as I walked to the cashier to find my party. Once they came not one of them bothered to ask where I was or why my face was so pink.

I will never forget that little girl. On this day, she seemed like the only one that cared. No one ever cares. 


We all have scars and stories.




omg i thought of a bucket too
awh shiit

..I thought bucket too -_0

I thought of sitting in the bathtub fiddling with the objects ok

i thought of using none of the objects and instead drowning myself(x